how to lose weight without dieting:
why you should rebalance your hormones instead

One of the biggest lie that's pedaled in the weight loss industry is that to lose weight you need to cut your calories. 
I call BS. And this guide step-by-step guide I'm going to show you exactly how you can lose weight without dieting and why rebalancing your hormones is the best choice!

I just know what everyone is about to say: 'oh you shouldn't cut out an entire food group, carbs gives us energy blah blah blah'.
This is partly true: we only have 2 sources of energy, carbs and fats. Our body will always utilize carbs first because..... sugar is toxic for the body! Excess sugar going around in the blood is not only making you gain weight but it's also toxic! Plus, we only need our blood sugar to be around 100mg/dL of blood. And that's my friend is 1/100000 of what a standard American diet recommends. 
So when we start to reduce the mount of carbs we eat per day our body seeks for energy from other sources and here's why you'll lose fat: if you limit your carb intake below 50g of net carbs per day (for most people) your body will start to use fats for energy, both the fats that come from your diet and your OWN BODY FAT! 
This state is called nutritional ketosis and it's a natural process that happens when our body either is fasting or can't use carbs for energy. Is it toxic? Absolutely not. On the contrary of what most people will tell you you will never ever get into ketoacidosis (a toxic condition caused by very high ketones in the blood that people with Diabates type 1 can experience) because if you're not diabetic type 1, you'll have all of your hormones set up in place!

Before diving deeper I want you to understand what insulin is and what is its role. Insulin is an hormone, more specifically insulin is your fat storage hormone. It takes its name from the fact that when it's high (high blood sugar) it will inhibits your ability to burn fat (your own fat stores). Insulin is messed up in 90% of the population right now because of our diet high in carbs and vegetable oils.  In order to let our body use our own body fat stores we need to keep our insulin as low as possible. Here's how:
1. Add animal fats to your meals like butter, eggs, meat. cheese, olive oil, lard, tallow, yogurt, full fat milk... fats will naturally reduce insulin even when added to a carb meal
2. Drink apple cider vinegar with water before a high carb meal: ACV is proven to reduce your blood sugar spikes hence your insulin spikes
3. Eliminate all types of vegetable oil like rapeseed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil... vegetable oils cause inflammation and high insulin! So read the labels of your foods and throw them away!

One of the things that will DICTATE your weight loss is loving yourself. I don't know how many women I talk to daily that tells me they hate their bodies! That's insane! Why are we taught this? Why can't we simply love ourselves, wouldn't that be easier in all aspects of our life? Of course it would! The only reason we hate our bodies is because people in our life have told us that. Whether they are our parents, our mom, grandmother, uncle, or friend (or Billie from middle school!). So our perception of how we see ourselves is actually somebody else's fault! Are we serious? Know that, don't you feel much more relieved? So you actually have a choice, you actually can change your thoughts and perception about yourself! So start thinking you are beautiful, every single day go in front of the mirror and list out at least 5 things you love about yourself that day. Do this at least for 30 days and you'll be unrecongizable! 

I know it's hard to ask others for help, especially if you're struggling with something that's so personal as it's your weight loss. But it's important you ask for help because the thing is: you can do it yourself and struggle until you find the right way or you ask for help to someone who already made the mistakes and can teach you how to do it effortlessly and rapidly! But most importantly, forever. You can come to me at any time, I'm always here for you!

1. reduce your carbs

2. manage your insulin in 3 steps

step #3: start loving yourself

step #4: ask for help

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