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yes, it is!

Helping women lose weight without cutting calories

Hi! I'm Alice founder and CEO of IamAliceVeneziani. I know how you're feeling because I've been in your shoes for 17 years.

Since I was 6, I've been bullied for my weight and height and following conventional diet rules (eat less and move more) I developed two eating disorders.

But the worst thing that could ever happened to me was actually the best. In those 17 years of struggles, tears and weight going up and down, I've been able to test on my skin what works in weight loss and what doesn't. 

And after losing more than 40 pounds 3 years ago, I've found THE way to forever weight loss.

I know you want to lose weight without tracking your food. I know you want to feel sexy in front of your partner. I know you want to stop going to the gym 7 days a week. And it's all possible, isn't it?

diets don't work and you know it.

Weight loss shouldn't

be a

Weight loss shouldn't be a 


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You've come a long way in your fitness journey and that means you're ready for change.

I know you're tired of doing abs to get rid of belly fat, I know you're tired of trying a new inner thigh workout from YouTube to get a thigh gap, and I know you're tired of eating rice and chicken for lunch to build muscles. 

Aren't you ready for this to be your last home workout?

I can tell you're ready to eat whatever you want whenever you want, feel sexy in a bikini, and breakthrough from diet rules.

You deserve to lose weight forever, don't you?

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Meet Alice!

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Alice is the founder and CEO of iamaliceveneziani, the #1 online space for forever weight loss and at-home workouts.

She struggled with her weight since she was 4 and people made fun of her since kindergarden.

She went through different stages in her life such as anorexia, binge eating, emotional eating, veganism, and ultimately started the ketogenic diet.

This lifestyle made her lose 40 pounds in 6 months, regain her food freedom and get the body of her dreams.

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