i'm ready




i know you're tired of trying every diet, nutrition app, smoothie and calorie cutting method and still not losing weight.



Let's be real...

weight loss has nothing to do with calorie deficits

You've come a long way in your weight loss journey and that means you're ready for change, aren't you? 

I'm sure you are...

Tired of yo-yo dieting

Exhausted of taking another day 1 photo

Pushing yourself hard at the gym without seeing results

Gaining more weight than you initially lost

aren't you ready for this to be your last weight loss journey?

What if I can show you a way to love yourself and accept love from others regardless of how your body looks and eat whatever you want whenever you want without stressing about becoming fat or being bigger than others.
I'm sure you would find value in that, wouldn't you?

yes, i would

Some results people have seen!

i want these results

Wondering how's it like?

sign me in

i want this transformation

Some of the results people have seen!

get ready for your ultimate fat loss


How are you supposed to live in this way for your entire life?
IT Is Not Sustainable, isn't it?

aren't you?

tired of desperately trying to lose weight

exhausted by hitting the gym 7 times a week

dreaming about eating whatever you want whenever you want without stressing about getting bigger than other people

tired of comparing yourself to other girls

yes, i am

I can tell you've already tried million diets. I'm sure you've tried Weight Watchers, the high protein diet, the Atkins diet, the tomato diet, the smoothie diet but all of them have led you to feel unsatisfied and binge on everything you could find at home, haven't they?

I'm sure you are...

you deserve to lose weight,

don't you?

you are deserving of losing weight, aren't you?

You deserve to love your body

You deserve to feel confident wearing a mini dress

You deserve to eat without feeling guilty about it

You deserve to not step on the scale every day

You deserve to stop thinking about food all day long

You deserve to be loved and gain the freedom during your meals

You deserve energy all day long, even after lunch

yes, i am

wondering what is like?

  • I know you've binge watched models' what I eat in a day YouTube videos trying to copy what they're eating but ending up binging on bread, pasta, biscuits, and cakes
  • I know you don't feel loved because you're bigger than the other women
  • I know you're tired of comparing yourself to others because they're skinnier than you
  • I know you're exhausted by feeling not accepted and different from other women
  • I know you want to feel empower, sexy, skinny, beautiful, funny, someone people care about 
  • I know you want to wear whatever you want and eat whatever you want without stressing about being bigger than other women

And you really can... can't you?

yes, i can



She even wrote a blog post about my coaching...

Simona came to me because she wanted to fit in her wedding dress again after the pandemic. She needed to marry in September but her dress didn't fit her like before!

She started at an initial weight of  160 pounds and in just 5 months she lost 20 pounds, 10cm around her waist, 10cm around her belly, 7cm around her hips, and 4cm around her arms! 

Our coaching was based on rebalancing her hormones. She ate how much she wanted, she ate out every week, she drank some wine, had her aperitifs, spent only 40 minutes in the gym every other day, and she'd been able to eat carbs as well!

The strategy I used with Simona is the same that I use with all of my clients.

A repeatable framework thats works. every. time. Because it's not focused on calories or macros, it's focused on the deep root cause of weight gain and fat loss.

My strategies are different from anyone else, that's why they work.

Read the blog!

the strategy






Rebalance your hormones

Reprogram your mindset

Get accountable

Create sustainable habits

Become a fat burning machine

We work together to rebalance your hormones to get down to the root cause of your weight problem. Cutting calories is never the solution and we want to make sure we're dealing and resolving the root cause!

Through the 5 Steps Mindset Reprogramming you will release all negative emotions around your body (Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Shame, Hate) to set specific and clear goals into your future so you can create the body of your dreams & heal any eating disorders you may have.

Now that you've set up sustainable and effective weight loss strategies we'll work on doing them consistently so they'll become part of your own life. 

We will create customized sustainable habits you can, and have to, do every day to reach your forever weight loss goal!

By changing your eating habits you'll learn how to transform your body into a real fat-burning-machine. Spoiler alert: this is already inside of you!

I'm ready for this