how to reverse insulin resistance naturally

Are you looking to find ways to heal insulin resistance naturally? Wondering how to fix insulin resistance naturally?

Luckily for you, in today’s world, there are actually quite a lot of natural ways to heal insulin resistance forever!

Some of the best ways to reverse insulin resistance involve just simple insulin resistance tips and ways to manage your blood sugars naturally without taking useless medications.

And, yes, many people got rid of insulin resistance just by using these simple blood sugar management tips.

So, if you are looking to lower insulin resistance or if you want a new insulin resistance meal plan  that lets you lose weight naturally, this list of ways to fix insulin resistance is for you!

My hope is that what you read in this article will spark your interest and possibly inspire you to cure insulin resistance naturally.

Fixing insulin resistance naturally is good for many reasons:
  • you can heal insulin resistance forever without medications
  • you can eat whatever you want without worrying about your blood sugars
  • you can get healthier and live longer in a life that you really feel living 

Healing insulin resistance naturally may be non-traditional but allowed me to lose over 40 pounds in just 6 months after 17 miserable years of trials and errors.

Here are a few people and situations that can really benefit from getting rid of insulin resistance naturally-

Women with PCOS who want to get off the pill and ditch all those terrible side effects. That's because the real cause of PCOS is actually insulin resistance. And it's mind-blowing that many women are reversing completely their PCOS with natural ways to manage insulin resistance. 

Women who have skin tags or dark patches. Again these are all signs of insulin resistance and they can simply disappear if you pay attention to your nutrition for insulin resistance.

People who just can't lose weight even though they eat less than they burn, they eat healthy foods, they workout everyday and live a 'healthy' lifestyle. This should tell you that weight loss has nothing to do with calories but it has to do with hormones, especially insulin.

Type 2 diabetics who want to stop taking insulin shots and want to manage their insulin naturally. Insulin resistance is the primary cause of type 2 diabetes and these natural ways to fix insulin resistance will be your holy grail!

People with metabolic issues such as neuropathies, Alzheimer's, type 1 diabetes (in moderation), hashimoto, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, memory loss, IBS or any other metabolic condition. All of them can benefit from healing their insulin resistance naturally.

And I'm always learning and expanding my insulin resistance tips so if you have anything that you want to share, feel free to message me below!

All the best insulin resistance natural tips are legitimate, safe, and easy but they require you to take action and do the things to fix your insulin resistance every single day.

As I always like to say: you didn't become insulin resistant in one night and neither you're gonna get rid of that!

Take your time but be consistent.

So if you're wondering "how can I get rid of insulin resistance naturally?" then this post is for you!
Insulin resistance is a metabolic condition in which your cells are not listening to your insulin anymore. Whether you made biology in high school or not here's what you need to know:
  • When we eat carbs such as pasta, bread, potatoes, chips, sugars, starches... those are converted into glucose in our body
  • The glucose that is now free into the bloodstream needs to get into the cells so the cells can convert the glucose into ATP, aka energy (because glucose is toxic for our body so it needs to be converted into something)
  • In a metabolically healthy person the pancreas secrets insulin (your fat storage hormone) to let the cell open so it can take the glucose (think of insulin like a key that opens a door: insulin is the key and the door is the cell)
  • When insulin opens the cell then the glucose enter the cell and it's used for energy

Now, we can say this is like a fairy tale. Because in 80% of the population this normal process doesn't function.

So here's what happens to 80% of the population:
  • we eat carbs all day long and multiple times per day so our bloodstream is filled with excess glucose that NEED to go inside the cells
  • Glucose needs to go inside the cells and so the pancreas starts to secret insulin, and more insulin, and more insulin to keep it up with all the glucose that's coming from the bloodstream
  • what happens now is that our cells stop listening to the pancreas and don't open anymore because they are like tired of working that much 
  • but the glucose absolutely needs to go somewhere it can't be free in the body
  • and so insulin now takes the glucose and converts it into body fat through a process that's called lypogenesis

In the last example we go through what's known as insulin resistance: our cells become resistant to insulin as a result of perpetual and consistent uptake of glucose from our diet.

As a results of insulin resistance we become:
  • fatter as the glucose is now converted into fat cells
  • inflammed as free glucose is toxic for out body
  • metabolically unhealthy as our cells are ill and tired 
  • type 2 diabetic as there's too much glucose in our blood

So here's what we really need to do to lose weight, fix insulin resistance and heal from type 2 diabetes forever!
The best way to lower your blood sugars eating carbs is to drink 1 tbsp of ACV in a glass of water 1-10 minutes before meals.

Ok but why? Because vinegar slows down how quickly starches break down to glucose during digestion.

Vinegar also tells our cells to burn more fat and our muscles to soak up glucose as it arrives into our blood stream.

Studies have shown adding vinegar to our diet leads to weight loss, steadier glucose levels, and a small study has shown it helps reverse PCOS symptoms too!

And now some FAQ that I know many of you have:

What if I don't like the taste of it?
You have different options:
1. Use the juice of 3 lemons instead od 1 tbsp of vinegar the exact same way
2. Add some lemon juice to the water
3. Add some sparkling water and ice with mint leaves 

Honestly, I drink it plain and it's super tasty.

What ACV should I buy?
I know you'll find many saying that it doesn't matter but trust me, it does. If you buy shitty ACV with pesticides, glyphosate, and GMOs then you're not fixing anything.

I live in Italy and so I buy a local organic pure ACV that you can find here. However for those of you who live in Europe or the US here's the link to my Amazon store with all my favorite organic unfiltered natural ACVs!

Do ACV gummies work?
Sorry to tell you, but ACV gummies or any other ACV product doesn't work. The only thing that will really help you is organic unfiltered ACV.
Did you know that moving your body after eating carbs helps you reduce your blood glucose levels up to 90%?

Moving your body after a high carb meal is one of the best way to manage insulin resistance as you'll allow your body to immediately use the excess sugars in your blood as energy for the muscles!

So here's how you can utilize movement to reverse insulin resistance:
  • move your body in whatever way you want 1-10 minutes after eating
  • you can have a 10-15 minute walk, you can do 30-60 calf raises, you can dance around in your living room! 
  • the key here is to move your body for at least 10-15 minutes!

A simple way to add this to your lifestyle is to start doing calf raises every hour when we're sitting. 

Personally my favorite way of moving my body is going for a relaxing nice little walk in nature! But, again you do you.

Talking about movement I cannot not talk about strength training and its benefits for fixing insulin resistance.

Many, many studies have shown how dynamic strength training increases insulin sensitivity in patient with insulin resistance!

So here's my favorite way to incorporate some nice strength training into your lifestyle:

  1. Don't overtrain: overtraining has the exact same effect of not training at all as it increases cortisol levels and insulin resistance.
  2. Train with weights or bodyweight 2-3 times per week. 
  3. Train larger muscle groups such as legs, glutes, and back! 
  4. Don't train your abs as it's unnecessary. 

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This is something I can guarantee no one has ever told you:
eat food in a specific order to heal insulin resistance and lower your blood glucose!

And here's the secret order:
  1. Fiber (salad, 2-4 raw carrots, raw veggies...)
  2. Proteins and fats
  3. Carbs

The reason you want to do this is because fibers as first will slow down your body's ability to process carbs and you'll be able to manage your blood sugars correctly!

How cool is that?

And now a question I get asked every single time about eating food in a specific order to reverse insulin resistance: what if I like to eat everything mixed up?

No big deal, just make sure you have fiber first!

This method basically means that if you want to have fruit, you need to eat it as last. If you want to have dessert, again - eat it as last. And if you want to have pizza? Eat fibers first!

And this takes us to the fourth tip to manage insulin resistance...
Again, nothing new here. Just a reminder that you can eat fibers like a salad, or raw carrots or any other veggies before having your meal to reduce glucose spikes and manage your insulin resistance.

That's something so easy that I recommend it to all of my clients: eat 2-4 raw carrots before having your main meals.

You can add salt, olive oil, ACV and lemon and you'll have a delicious entrée for your lunch and dinner!
Have you ever eaten a bowl of cereals first thing in the morning and then had a tremendous hungry day? You were always hungry, you ate more than usual, you were moody and a little fed up before eating, and then sleepy after?

Great, that's a signal of insulin resistance and a bad breakfast.

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day as it will set up the energy and the glucose levels for your entire day!

What you eat matters WAY more than how much you eat and here's why:

If you eat a fruit smoothie for breakfast your glucose levels will spike a lot and so your insulin. That will give you a later crash few minutes after, making you hungrier, moodier, and stressed out!

It goes the same way for every carby-breakfast, so final takeaways: don't eat carbs or sugars for breakfast.

That means no bagels, no bread, no cereals, no biscuits, no jams, no smoothies, no protein powders, no iced coffee with sugar or syrups, no syrups or honey. 

And now the cool thing: what to eat for breakfast to manage your insulin resistance?

My favorite all time go to breakfast is 100% grass fed organic crème fraiche with 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate! I occasionally alternate with 100% grass fed organic full fat greek yogurt, that I find in a local organic store here in Italy.

Other fatty breakfast you can have are: eggs and bacon, meat and veggies, salmon and butter, heavy cream, heavy whipped cream...

Basically everything that's delicious and satisfying!
The last and easiest thing you can do to fix insulin resistance forever and manage your blood sugars is to add grass fed animal fats to your meals.

That means to add grass fed butter, grass fed ghee (if you're lactose intolerant), grass fed cheese and dairy, grass fed meat, free range eggs, grass fed tallow or duck fat...

Literally any source of animal fats you can think of! 

This will help your body to again assorbe glucose slower and reduce the glucose spike in your blood!

So final takeaway: always have your carbs in a little dress!
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What is insulin resistance?

here are the ways to fix insulin resistance naturally forever!

1. apple cider vinegar

2. movement

3. eat food in the right order

4. Eat fibers first

5. change your breakfast

6. add animal fats

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